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10 Creative ways to display your Favor Cake
The favor cake is a unique decorative way to showcase favors for your guests, not only for weddings but many other occasions. Although it looks like a wedding cake it is not necessarily meant to replace it.
Here are some ideas on how to incorporate our Favor Cakes into your event. Remember it's your day, be creative!

1. Arrange as a centerpiece for your guest tables and leave a sign for guest to take one.
2. Set up a table near the entrance to the reception hall to display the favor cake on a stand on the tabletop and accessorize with flowers and confetti.
3. Display the cake on a table with the card box so people can take one when they give a card or gift.
4. Display near the wedding guests book so when people sign in they take a favor.
5. Arrange a table near the wedding cake and have a waiter serve a favor box with the real cake to each guest.
6. The Bride and Groom while in the reception line pass out a favor to each guest as they greet them into the reception.
7. Have a wedding attendant or flower girl pass them out as guest leave the reception.
8. Display near the bar so when guests are getting a beverage they can take a favor.
9. If you have a buffet line, display the cake at the end so people can take a favor back to their seat.
10. Display near the dessert table so when people go to grab a dessert they can take a favor.

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10 Creative ways to display your Favor Boxes
Individual favor boxes are small, decorative ways to present gifts to your guests. Our mini bags and mini purses are great for all occasions. Here are some creative ways on how to display them at your special occasion. Remember you can add anything to the favor boxes to go with your theme or occasion. Be creative, personalize them to match your taste, have fun!

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1. Set a favor at each guest table setting.
2. Arrange favors to create a decorative centerpiece.
3. Arrange favors in decorative baskets and place a sign for people to take one.
4. Tie small favors with ribbon and attach to the back of guest chairs.
5. Arrange favor boxes on a large table near the exit or entrance for guests to take one.
6. Display favor boxes on a dessert stand to simulate a tier cake or cupcake stand.
7. Display the favor boxes as a bouquet placing them on sticks for stems and in a vase.
8. Put different gifts inside and allow guest to choose which one by placing a sign of contents next to the favor boxes.
9. Hang favor boxes from small trees to represent a giving tree.
10. Hang favor boxes on a string by small clothespins and have each guests take one.

20 Ideas for filling your Favor Boxes
All of our assembled cakes come with a love poem and 5 Jordan Almonds. The unassembled and individual favors does not include a love poem, but here are some ideas for what else to fill them with.
Remember this is a great way to personalize your favor by incorporating your color theme, a honeymoon destination or anything else.

1. Candy.
2. Mints.
3. Nuts or Trail Mix.
4. Bird Seed or Flower Seeds for guest to plant themselves.
5. Children's toys for birthday parties.
6. Jewelry for bride's maids or wedding party.
7. Lip Gloss or Chap Stick for a Bachelorette Party or Beach wedding.
8. Name of a charity you are donating to in honor of guest.
9. Poker Chips for a Vegas Wedding.
10. Tropical Dried Fruit.
11. Mini baked goods.
12. Candy Corn for Halloween.
13. Tea Bags.
14. Small Ornaments for Holiday Theme.
15. Bath Salts.
16. Bath Beads.
17. Wine Glass Charm or Stopper.
18. Golf Ball or Tee.
19. Fortune Cookies.
20. Candle.

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